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Top Of The Tree


A bright blue sky, the tall eucalyptus silver princess sways in the breeze, its load of gumnuts begins blooming. It’s entrancing, almost magical to watch.

(The eucalyptus silver princess is common in Victoria, Australia. I’m not sure if they grow in other parts of the world.)

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This is only the second bloom of the eucalyptus silver princess, the last gift my mother gave me before she died. To see the rich blooms is awesome. I wait in anticipation as the little gumnuts pop their tops.

How thrilled I am that the last gift given to me by my mother, prior to the end of her earthly journey just over three years ago, is so robust it billows skywards, sways but does not break in whipping winds, and blooms beautifully. (Upon reflection, these could be the features of a well-lived life!)

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Daydreaming and Dappled Light



There’s something special about dappled light. It’s like an invitation… to daydream. How precious daydreaming is. The lost art of daydreaming. I long for it.

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A Jungle of Autumn Leaves



Bright reds, yellows and orange: a jungle of autumn leaves. What  joy to see the vibrant colours, the shapes and shades, the abundance–in afternoon sunlight.

Such a delightful view from my back balcony.


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