Have you been enjoying nature today?

A walk on a windswept beach, a hike in the bush, a picnic by wetlands, or even a morning watching the antics of local birds. There are so many ways to go wild about the wild and enjoy nature. Have you been enjoying nature today?

‘Being a writer, I need a daily dose of nature,’ says Michele Gierck. ‘ I am so grateful for all the beautiful natural places we can explore, and how different they appear each day.’

Text and image copyright Michele Gierck

Life is good when the ducks line up

How grand it is to take time out and relax by the river. Not that getting up at 5.30 am to go fishing felt terribly relaxing at the time. But watching the sun rise, and reflections appear in the river was one of life’s golden moments. And even the ducks lined up. Well, almost.

Inspiration, Awareness, Nature.

Text and image (Murray River) copyright Michele Gierck

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An iconic Australian scene

The wind had whipped up, the air was cool, the surf was smashing against rocks, and the kangaroos simply watched as we wandered by. It struck me as being an iconic Australian scene.

Woolgoolga, NSW

It was the perfect place to take some time out.

image and text copyright Michele Gierck

A Bright Visitor

We were sitting inside when this beautifully bright king parrot perched on the balcony and peered inside as if tempting us to join him/her — or at least to appear on the balcony with some seeds. And then, it just kept engaging with us.

We love going out into nature, but it’s great when nature comes to us.

A Place to Reflect

It’s great to find places that are conducive to reflection. It could be at the beach, the bush, or even in the backyard.

Many of my reflective places tend to be by water. There’s something about that element, and the way it reflects light, that draws me in, and takes me to a calm, quiet space.