How refreshing it is to take time to appreciate the world which wraps itself around us. For it’s not unusual to find inspiration right at our feet, or even under them–like discovering a patch of nodding greenhoods in a friend’s backyard. Or the first gumnuts on the eucalyptus silver princess my mother gave me. The red stamens with bright yellow dots on their tip are splayed like the skirt of a hula dancer.  The plant was a gift from my mother, not long before her earthly journey ended. I often catch myself stealing glances at it in the front garden as I come and go, noting its billowing height, its strength, and its ability now to withstand whipping winds. Sometimes  I simply stand and stare –amazed.

Other times it’s a story or a special part of the Australian landscape which causes me to muse.


Michele Gierck

ps. Text and photos on this blog © Michele Gierck


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Michele, I see yours photos today, their are so beautiful, I was see so deeply each photo because their makes feel so much inspirations about little details that are hidden in colorfully flowers, and of course the poems you writers in each photos, I read you book 700 Days in El Salvador, and you make me travel inside my country, transports my mind in that places you describe.You are wonderfully writers and una mujer maravillosa!!!!!!
    Carmen Rosas

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