Archive | November 2013

Lovely Little Lizard


There’s a lovely little lizard, under my rubbish bin.
It’s a lovely little lizard, with a long blue tongue.
And lovely little lizard, likes lying in the sun.
Watching little lizard, is loads and loads of fun.

Image and Text copyright Michele Gierck
Blue-tongued Lizard in the garden

Passionate About Something


You know you’re passionate about something when you’re willing to hang upside down to get it. What a delightful sight. The bee’s wings are so delicate, so intricate. It’s such a treat to sit on the ground in the garden, especially after hours of work, and be  mesmerised by something as simple as a bee hanging from a lavender bush.

Text and image copyright Michele Gierck

The Day Brightens


The sky is dark and gloomy, and there’s a chill in the air. Rain refuses to stop. On and on it falls. It’s not quite the recipe for a favourite day. But then, on the ornamental grapevine, I spot a sight. Leaves with rain droplets on their tip, not unlike a Christmas decoration. The little surprise cajoles a smile out of me, and the day brightens.

Bee Happy

BusyBee & Grevillea

This vividly coloured, tangled-looking spring flower (a grevillea), and the unassuming lurkings of a bee, is such a natural everyday scene, the sight of which brings  happiness. Bee happy and me happy.


Text and image copyright Michele Gierck

A Marvellous Morning


What a fabulous surprise, spotting the first gumnut now in radiant bloom (with others about to pop their tops). How often the sheer beauty of nature is breathtaking. Such a sight stirs the senses and makes for a marvellous morning.

Image and text copyright Michele Gierck