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A Delightful Dip

Bee In Heaven

Life can be full of natural delights. A bright moon on a clear crisp evening, a favourite flower in full bloom, or for this bee a delightful dip into the blooming eucalyptus silver princess.

What’s your delight? What part of nature do you love dipping into?

Memorable Moon


Each day is sprinkled with memorable moments: a stranger’s smile, a child’s wonder, a favourite flower, or, looking up, a magnificent moon. It’s all there. All waiting to be appreciated.

Photo: the view from my back balcony
Image and text copyright Michele Gierck

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Every Day Needs A Little Sunshine


cyclamen in sunshineA cool, crisp, cloudy day. Then, suddenly the cyclamens shimmer in sparkling sunshine. It’s a sight to savour. Every day needs a little sunshine.

Text and image copyright Michele Gierck

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Cultivating Strength

Intricate BloomAugust2014

Have you ever wondered how some people cultivate strength in the face of adversity? Or how tiny, fine flowers, like this one, withstand whipping winds.

It’s amazing what thoughts come to mind while pottering about in the garden.

Text and image copyright Michele Gierck

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