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A Tiny Vibrant Bloom

Flower or Butterfly July 2014

Winter here in Australia. And as in life, a tiny vibrant bloom in the midst of dull, dreary winter, can bring so much delight.

What attracted me to this flower, apart from its vivid colour, was that it could almost be mistaken for a butterfly. Well, it just takes a little imagination.
And gardens are places of such inspiration and imagination.

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A Buzz In The Air

A buzz 2

The sensational Wimbledon men’s final, last night, created such a buzz. And this morning, even my eucalyptus silver princess is buzzing. Inspiration is all around.

For those of you in other parts of the world, Wimbledon began last night at 11pm Australian east coast time, and finished around 3.30am. So all I feel capable of this morning is standing in the sun and taking photos. The writing will have to wait a while today.

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