Time to Sparkle


For all of us, people, animals and plants, there’s a time to sparkle. At such times I try to etch images of special sparkly moments, like this bloom, onto the back of my eyelids.

Michele’s website: http://www.michelegierck.com.au


5 thoughts on “Time to Sparkle

    • Yes, it’s eucalyptus silver princess. I’m not sure the scientific name, but if you are interested let me know and I will find out. Glad you liked the photo. It’s a special tree to me. I’ve tended it since it was small. And it’s wonderful to watch it bloom. Michele

      • I would like to know how old this tree is now and how big? Are these trees growing quickly or not? I know these trees from Greece but never saw them bloom. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

      • This tree is just on four years old. It was the last gift given to me by my mum before she died. They grow reasonably quickly. It was a small seedling when I planted it. It’s now well over two metres. And for the first time, there are loads of blooms.
        If you’d like to see another lovely photo of it, take a look at the blog attached to my website:

        Glad you are enjoying the photos. Michele

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