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A Pink Bloom — A Way of Remembering


A crisp day, a little sunshine and an autumn bloom. It’s the kind of scene my late mother would have loved. Out in the garden, I often remember her.

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Lovely Autumn Light and Leaves

IMG_0134 (2)

A little light sparkling through the autumn leaves of pinkish reds and yellowy-orange hues. A little natural inspiration in the middle of the day.

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Striking Pink Petals in Autumn Sun


Striking pink petals, with a patch of redish-pink dots, lit up in autumn sunshine.
(This azalea is right near my front door, and I must have walked by tons of times without even noticing it.)
Oh for a little sunshine, and the slowness and spaciousness in which to enjoy it.

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So Intricate, So Delicate… Yet So Strong


How can a flower which is so intricate and so delicate stand up to whipping winds and heavy rain? Strength, it seems, is not always where we most expect to find it.

How wonderful to be out in the garden — if not with hands in soil, then at least observing, taking in delights of nature.

Michele Gierck is a writer who spends her spare time in the garden.
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B is for Bee, and for Beautiful

Busy Bee 23 April 2017

B is for bee, and for beautiful. There’s joy to be had from simple moments in nature — like watching bees in a bush of rosemary as the autumn sun shines. Another beautiful relaxing day; a day off from writing.

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Life is full of change

Twilight Vine

Looking at the reddish vine leaves in golden evening twilight, I’m reminded how, for all of us, plants, animals and people, life is full of change.

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