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Colourful Gardens, Colourful Lives, Colourful Stories

crepe myrtle 5 Jan 2015

It’s easy to take nature for granted. But think about this: what would a garden, or our lives, be like without colour?

Perhaps because I’m spending more time at home writing, I appreciate the bright blooms and the constant change of colour in the garden. Such a delight to watch. Not unlike life, there’s always something new, something fading, something to surprise me.

And I’m pleased to let you know that my next book, a rather colourful story, Fraying: Mum, memory loss, the medical maze and me, published by NewSouth Books will be out in March, 2015.
More info soon on my website —

Photo: Crepe Myrtle near Michele’s front door.
Text and image copyright Michele Gierck