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Who will be open today? Who will pop their top?

gumnut opens

Need a little inspiration? Just check out this flowering gumnut which must pop its top to flower. It’s as if it loses a little of itself to become all it can be. How life can be like that.

My new book, Fraying: Mum, memory loss, the medical maze and me has just been launched. Available as a paperback or ebook, it features many scenes from my garden – many of which, including this gumnut, appear on this blog.

In the ‘comments’ below, you will be able to read comments on Fraying from readers who were quick off the mark to get a copy.

You can find out more about Fraying at my website: http://www.michelegierck.com.au

Text and image copyright Michele Gierck
Michele’s website: http://www.michelegierck.com.au


A Buzz In The Air

A buzz 2

The sensational Wimbledon men’s final, last night, created such a buzz. And this morning, even my eucalyptus silver princess is buzzing. Inspiration is all around.

For those of you in other parts of the world, Wimbledon began last night at 11pm Australian east coast time, and finished around 3.30am. So all I feel capable of this morning is standing in the sun and taking photos. The writing will have to wait a while today.

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Text and image copyright Michele Gierck

Top Of The Tree


A bright blue sky, the tall eucalyptus silver princess sways in the breeze, its load of gumnuts begins blooming. It’s entrancing, almost magical to watch.

(The eucalyptus silver princess is common in Victoria, Australia. I’m not sure if they grow in other parts of the world.)

Michele’s website: http://www.michelegierck.com.au

Life Is More Fun Hanging Out With Mates


What a sight. Two bees hanging out in the same gumnut bloom. It seems it’s not just humans who think life is more fun with a mate close by!

Text and image copyright Michele Gierck

Photo: Gumnut tree in Michele’s backyard.

Michele’s writing blog: http://www.michelegierck.com.au/blog

Michele’s website: http://www.michelegierck.com.au

A Favourite


We all have our favourites: teams, colours, friends, places, trees… The first bloom on this eucalyptus silver princess is my personal favourite in the natural domain.

There is pleasure to be had in watching blooms. But more so, this particular one, because it was the last gift my mother gave me before her earthly journey ended.

Image and Text Copyright Michele Gierck

A Marvellous Morning


What a fabulous surprise, spotting the first gumnut now in radiant bloom (with others about to pop their tops). How often the sheer beauty of nature is breathtaking. Such a sight stirs the senses and makes for a marvellous morning.

Image and text copyright Michele Gierck