Archive | December 2012

A Chirpy Christmas Tree

This morning I peered over the fence at the massive Christmas Grevillea, now in bright yellow bloom. It stands so tall in the neighbour’s front garden and was full of squarking, chattering, chirpy birds bathed in the morning golden sunlight. What a wonderful Chirpy Christmas Tree.

A Nest

I’ve just finished the first draft of a new book, and now that I am no longer focusing on the world as it was some years ago, I’ve  returned my thoughts and gaze  to the present moment–and to what’s right under my nose in the garden. Today must be Bird Day. I found a well-hidden nest with two eggs in it tucked away in the ornamental grapevine which drapes across the upper reaches of my balcony.EggsInNest

  Soon after I spotted mum on the nest, and could just make out her head and one of her watchful eyes. It was thrilling.

Mum's Watchful Eye