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The simple beauty of an Australian summer: my crepe myrtle in full bloom, and all the visiting bees. Bee-autiful!


The crepe myrtle breaks into bloom each December and then blooms for the rest of summer. It’s such a treat to see — right by the front door.

The perfect place to take a break from writing, and ponder.

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Finding Your Special Space

Bee 1 Dec 2015

There’s nothing quite like finding your special space — a place to hangout and enjoy. Even the birds and the bees do it.

Finding your special space, and remembering to visit it, makes all the difference in life.

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Buds, Blooms, and Beauty

First Bloom 3 Crepe Myrtle Dec 2014

What beauty — rain drops and early morning sparkling sunshine on the buds and first summer blooms of my crepe myrtle.

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The Old Makes Way For The New

02-07-2014Dying and New LifeLeavesMy precious gumnut tree. In spite of being lathered in dying leaves, tiny buds dare to grow during a sizzling summer. The old making way for the new. How life is like that.

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Homely Habitat

New Home For Bluey

The blue-tongued lizard has a new habitat–under my rockery. ‘Tis far more homely than lurking under rubbish bins. A step up, I suspect, in lizard lounging: popping out to sunbake, and when required, retreating rapidly at will. Such a homely habitat. Wouldn’t mind one like that myself.

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Baby Gumnuts

Four Baby Gumnuts
I was lamenting the summer sun. Not the joy it brings me; but how it’s burnt so many of my trees this year. Brown, dried and crinkled leaves now appear at the top of most of the trees in my garden. What, I wondered, can I find in the garden to inspire me? And then I looked up. Way up. Right at the top of the young gumnut tree in my front garden, the last gift my mother gave me before she died. And I found four tiny, little gumnut umbels. Can you spot them? That tree, which in the two and half years since being planted in my garden has only ever produced three tiny gumnuts, is set to flower again. (One of its precious flowers is pictured in the header of this blog site.) And now there will be four more. Four. I can barely contain my excitement.

A Morning View

The ornamental grapevine gracing my back balcony, frames my morning view of the world. And looking out below the vine, the sun’s first rays shine on two eucaplyptus trees.

This week I received some encouraging comments about my latest manuscript–the first draft was finished in December. It’s a personal mother-daughter story in which dementia plays a leading role. The reader, who I met once, very briefly, is an intelligent, compassionate woman who runs a psychology practice. She wrote:

‘I finished your book yesterday. It was great. Finally I had a block of time I could devote to it. I read the last 50 pages in one sitting and I must admit I found the ending very emotional. I had tears running down my face. I am a bit of a softie and prone to tears but this was a “make eyes puffy and red” type cry.
It was sad of course but my over-riding feeling afterwards was a warm and fuzzy one. This is hard to explain but I felt connected to your story and it was a great privilege to be able to read it. I think you are able to convey such a great sense of character and personality by your writing. Certainly in regard to your Mum but also in relation to yourself. I have told a number of people about your book in the last few weeks. Most people have (or will have) a period in their life where this type of experience has great relevance.
Your storytelling skills are exceptional.
As I said previously I think it has a fantastic self-help side to it as well.’

No wonder the sun seems to be shinning so brightly this morning!