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Kookaburra – One Cool Character


Kookaburra. What a cool character. Such fine feathers. Such an inquisitive look. What a delight to see. And to hear … laughing.

(Photo: An Australian Kookaburra)

Image and Text copyright Michele Gierck

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Dive In, Splash About, Enjoy. Be Creative


One of my favourite backyard visitors, a blackbird, plunges into the bird bath. The blackbird looks pleased, perched on the bath’s rim, feathers dripping. And so am I, with my new bird bath–a recycled gardening pot.

Sometimes joy can be as simple as watching the antics of a feathery friend diving in, splashing about, enjoying. And being creative is so much fun, especially making something new out of something old–something even tweeting visitors can delight in.


Photo and text copyright Michele Gierck

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Wattlebird – A Favourite Perch

Wattlebird & Grevillea 2

A wattlebird has made itself at home in my garden. The grevillea is one of its favourite perches–and a delicious food source. Often I watch in amazement at the antics of this camera-shy, feathery friend.

Text and image copyright Michele Gierck