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Time to Appreciate the World Around Us

IMG_9070.JPGOne of the joys of bush camping is the amazing things you find — like this little fellow. It’s great to take time to appreciate the world around us.

Photo: Station Creek Bush Camp, NSW, Australia

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Watch and Be Amazed


Out walking in the Australian bush, we stumbled upon this little fellow. What a delight to stand quietly and watch. Watch and be amazed.

Photo: Morton National Park, NSW, Australia
Text and Image copyright Michele Gierck

PS. We have returned from holidays, so now it’s back to blogging.

Homely Habitat

New Home For Bluey

The blue-tongued lizard has a new habitat–under my rockery. ‘Tis far more homely than lurking under rubbish bins. A step up, I suspect, in lizard lounging: popping out to sunbake, and when required, retreating rapidly at will. Such a homely habitat. Wouldn’t mind one like that myself.

Text and Image copyright Michele Gierck

Lovely Little Lizard


There’s a lovely little lizard, under my rubbish bin.
It’s a lovely little lizard, with a long blue tongue.
And lovely little lizard, likes lying in the sun.
Watching little lizard, is loads and loads of fun.

Image and Text copyright Michele Gierck
Blue-tongued Lizard in the garden