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Whatever the Season, Plant Seeds of Hope


The bright autumn leaves are beginning to fade. Time to make way for winter. But whatever the season, for each of us, it’s time to plant seeds of hope.

Not unlike the seasons, our own lives, are cycles. Sometimes they are full of natural grace. Other times it feels as if we are bracing against life’s icy winds.

I watch two families I am close to caring for elderly parents. (One with dementia, the other with bodies which are simply wearing out.) Being a carer, you often feel you are way behind: there’s so much more to do — a cycle without end.

Yet even in the bleakest of times, there are moments of natural grace, moments which stir the heart. And sometimes that can be as simple as a smile of recognition, words of inspiration, or a quiet moment on the porch watching leaves sparkle in the sunshine.

Text and Image Copyright Michele Gierck

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The Day Brightens


The sky is dark and gloomy, and there’s a chill in the air. Rain refuses to stop. On and on it falls. It’s not quite the recipe for a favourite day. But then, on the ornamental grapevine, I spot a sight. Leaves with rain droplets on their tip, not unlike a Christmas decoration. The little surprise cajoles a smile out of me, and the day brightens.

An Air of Calm

leaves after rain

An irky, murky storm departs. The sky brims  bright blue, and leaves appear speckled with raindrops. Fragile buds and branches have withstood great gusts. What delight in post-storm calm— in nature… or in storms of a more personal nature. 

Text and image copyright Michele Gierck