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Striking Pink Petals in Autumn Sun


Striking pink petals, with a patch of redish-pink dots, lit up in autumn sunshine.
(This azalea is right near my front door, and I must have walked by tons of times without even noticing it.)
Oh for a little sunshine, and the slowness and spaciousness in which to enjoy it.

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So Intricate, So Delicate… Yet So Strong


How can a flower which is so intricate and so delicate stand up to whipping winds and heavy rain? Strength, it seems, is not always where we most expect to find it.

How wonderful to be out in the garden — if not with hands in soil, then at least observing, taking in delights of nature.

Michele Gierck is a writer who spends her spare time in the garden.
Her website is: http://www.michelegierck.com.au


The simple beauty of an Australian summer: my crepe myrtle in full bloom, and all the visiting bees. Bee-autiful!


The crepe myrtle breaks into bloom each December and then blooms for the rest of summer. It’s such a treat to see — right by the front door.

The perfect place to take a break from writing, and ponder.

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Delicate Wings


What delicate wings. What fragility, yet strength. Another inspiring spring delight. Wouldn’t it be grand to be able to fly!

What a wonderful way to spend a break — after hours in front of a screen — discovering simple joys to be found in the garden.

Such are the musings of an up-to-her-neck-in-work writer.

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Finding Your Special Space

Bee 1 Dec 2015

There’s nothing quite like finding your special space — a place to hangout and enjoy. Even the birds and the bees do it.

Finding your special space, and remembering to visit it, makes all the difference in life.

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Michele’s latest book: Fraying: Mum, memory loss, the medical maze and me.

Photo & text copyright Michele Gierck

Colourful Gardens, Colourful Lives, Colourful Stories

crepe myrtle 5 Jan 2015

It’s easy to take nature for granted. But think about this: what would a garden, or our lives, be like without colour?

Perhaps because I’m spending more time at home writing, I appreciate the bright blooms and the constant change of colour in the garden. Such a delight to watch. Not unlike life, there’s always something new, something fading, something to surprise me.

And I’m pleased to let you know that my next book, a rather colourful story, Fraying: Mum, memory loss, the medical maze and me, published by NewSouth Books will be out in March, 2015.
More info soon on my website — http://www.michelegierck.com.au

Photo: Crepe Myrtle near Michele’s front door.
Text and image copyright Michele Gierck