Whatever the Season, Plant Seeds of Hope


The bright autumn leaves are beginning to fade. Time to make way for winter. But whatever the season, for each of us, it’s time to plant seeds of hope.

Not unlike the seasons, our own lives, are cycles. Sometimes they are full of natural grace. Other times it feels as if we are bracing against life’s icy winds.

I watch two families I am close to caring for elderly parents. (One with dementia, the other with bodies which are simply wearing out.) Being a carer, you often feel you are way behind: there’s so much more to do — a cycle without end.

Yet even in the bleakest of times, there are moments of natural grace, moments which stir the heart. And sometimes that can be as simple as a smile of recognition, words of inspiration, or a quiet moment on the porch watching leaves sparkle in the sunshine.

Text and Image Copyright Michele Gierck

Michele’s website: http://www.michelegierck.com.au


2 thoughts on “Whatever the Season, Plant Seeds of Hope

  1. Good morning Michele

    This beautiful leaf has made me smile and feel relaxed again.

    I popped in to mother’s this morning on the way to work and she was worried and agitated about someone knocking on her lounge room window at 8.30 pm the night before. I know it is all in her imagination, but she is convinced someone is trying to break in to her house. After arriving late to work with an ache in my chest from stress, your beautiful photo has given me some calm again.
    Thank you

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