Blooming Bush

What plant is this

For the last five years I’ve tended my garden. (It’s the first home of my own, with a garden, I’ve had.) Although five winters and four springs have passed, never has the bush beside my back balcony bloomed. So what a surprise to return from a few weeks away to find it flowering –its delicate blossom a soft shade of pink.

This morning, looking out at the blooming bush through the kitchen window, a wattle bird suddenly flew in and perched on one of the plant’s branches. It then dipped its beak into the flower’s nectar in a rhymic, repetitive motion. It stayed there, then skipped onto nearby branches, and continued its ritual, dipping and sipping.

Now, I’m left wondering what plant it is. A grevillea I suspect, but I’m not sure.

If you happen to have any ideas, please let me know.


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