Baby Gumnuts

Four Baby Gumnuts
I was lamenting the summer sun. Not the joy it brings me; but how it’s burnt so many of my trees this year. Brown, dried and crinkled leaves now appear at the top of most of the trees in my garden. What, I wondered, can I find in the garden to inspire me? And then I looked up. Way up. Right at the top of the young gumnut tree in my front garden, the last gift my mother gave me before she died. And I found four tiny, little gumnut umbels. Can you spot them? That tree, which in the two and half years since being planted in my garden has only ever produced three tiny gumnuts, is set to flower again. (One of its precious flowers is pictured in the header of this blog site.) And now there will be four more. Four. I can barely contain my excitement.


One thought on “Baby Gumnuts

  1. this just grabs my full attention i feel so excited due to the fact i was in a very dangerous situation last week and was thinking of my father at the time who has recently passed a lil branch with 4 gums with lil fairy baby pink hair sprouting feel into my lap and i was lucky to escape the situation, i feelt my fathers presents at the time and cant stop remembering the occasion

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